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Learning is not the product of teaching. It is the product of the activity of learners.
John Holt

The Wonder Team

Who We Are

Glenda Davison

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Math & ELEMENTARY Science 

Glenda Davison brings twenty-four (24) years of experience to Wonder, including teaching grades K-8, and coaching, mentoring and tutoring high school students. During her 20+ year public school teaching tenure, Glenda received recognition as Walmart Teacher of the Year, Marquis Who's Who, National Teacher Honor Roll, and Disney's Teacher Award.

Miss Glenda has always believed there was more to education than test scores, following a set curriculum, and teaching everyone the same way. She aspires for every child to see their potential and ability, and wants them to know that they possess a gift that will make a positive impact on this world. 

In her time at home, she enjoys making jewelry and doing yoga, and exploring the outdoors of SC.

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Kenzie Kightlinger

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ART& Middle school Science

We are over the moon that MacKenzie ("Kenzie") Kightlinger will be sharing her experience as a South Carolina K-12 state-certified, special education teacher.  Kenzie's background not only includes leading special education programs in multiple Horry county schools, but significant musical, singing, and artistic talents as well!  Prior to teaching, Kenzie served as an afterschool tutor for a county school program, and worked as a resident advisor, at Coastal Carolina University, where she earned her Bachelors's in Special Education.  Kenzie has completed her Orton-Gillingham Associate level training and will lending her support to our ELA students.


Audrea Phillips

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Audrea Phillips is joining Wonder after 29 years of teaching grades 1-8 in Horry County, including 7 years as a state literacy coach for the SC Department of Education. She is certified in Early Childhood through Middle School Literacy, is National Board Certified in Early/Middle Childhood Literacy, and holds a Masters Degree in Education. She is completing her Orton Gillingham Level 1 training to continue her love of learning how to help readers. Her passion is developing children's ability to think strategically as they read and write a wide variety of texts and helping them use reading and writing as tools to understand the world around them. 

During her career, Mrs. Phillips has been awarded Horry County Teacher of the Year, Top-5 Horry County Teacher of the Year, and Top 10 Horry County Teacher of the Year. 

Mrs. Phillips loves to read books, play with her dog Piper, and go fishing with her husband, Tim! They have 2 children. Their son, Ben, is a 24-year-old Behavioral Health nurse, and their daughter, Shelby, is 20 years old and attends Galen College of Nursing. 

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