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Learning is not the product of teaching. It is the product of the activity of learners.
John Holt

The Wonder Team

Who We Are

Glenda Davison

Wonder Teacher

Math & Science 

Glenda Davison brings twenty-three (23) years of experience to Wonder, including teaching grades K-8, and coaching, mentoring and tutoring high school students. During her 20+ year public school teaching tenure, Glenda received recognition as Walmart Teacher of the Year, Marquis Who's Who, National Teacher Honor Roll, and Disney's Teacher Award.

Miss Glenda has always believed there was more to education than test scores, following a set curriculum, and teaching everyone the same way. She aspires for every child to see their potential and ability, and wants them to know that they possess a gift that will make a positive impact on this world. 

In her time at home, she enjoys making jewelry and doing yoga, and exploring the outdoors of SC.

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Kenzie Kightlinger

Wonder Teacher


We are over the moon that MacKenzie ("Kenzie") Kightlinger will be sharing her experience as a South Carolina state-certified, special education teacher.  Kenzie's background not only includes leading special education programs in multiple Horry county schools, but significant musical, singing, and artistic talents as well!  Prior to teaching, Kenzie served as an afterschool tutor for a county school program, and worked as a resident advisor, at Coastal Carolina Univerisity, where she earned her Bachelors's in Special Education.  Kenzie has completed her Orton-Gillingham Associate level training


JeanNine Turchyn

Wonder Teacher


Jeannine Turchyn comes to Wonder with twenty years of experience as a certified educator in New York state, and a Masters in Elementary Education. Jeannine's work with children includes work as an Academic Intervention Specialist, Reading Specialist, 3rd and Kindergarten classroom lead teacher, afterschool, private tutor, and the co-director of a drama program.  She's leading the ELA and math programs at Wonder and brings a special interest in cross-curricular project-based learning. 

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Joe Maxwell

Wonder Teacher


After 20 years in corporate training for Fortune 500 companies, Joe found his passion in Waldorf-Inspired homeschooling. A father of four ranging in ages from 33 to 7, Joe capitalizes on his love of being outside in nature through teaching his own kids, children in his local Waldorf Inspired Cooperative (Deep Roots), and the future generation of athletic scholars he coaches in soccer. Joe has been invested in the development of wonder for kids from the ages of 3 to 15 and is still amazed how much he is more the student than the teacher in the interactive and immersive approach of utilizing multiple subjects (e.g. art, mathematics, history, science, etc.) in a lesson block. He is honored to join a talented team that has assisted in the unbelievable development of his own children.

Carlie Dorsey

MOTORvate Kids Occupational Therapist

Carlie Dorsey and her team at Motorvate Kids OT, LLC is dedicated to inspiring a "passion for participation" in children who have difficulty keeping up with their peers due to motor and sensory challenges that are holding them back.  Motorvate Kids provides personal attention and care to each child with intervention strategies that are fun, progressively challenging, and uniquely designed to meet each child's needs.

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Mike Angwin

Angwin Academy


Mike brings close to 30 years of educational experience to Wonder, including extensive work as a school principal, tutor, swim and basketball coach, and as the parent of a Dyslexic child.  He has also served as the past president of a state branch of the International Dylsexia Association, in supporting, teaching, and hosting events to educate people about Dyslexia and strategies to mitigate their challenges.  Mike specializes in teaching students with Dyslexia and other learning differences through multi-sensory programs such as Orton Gillingham, LiPs, and Project Read, and enjoys teaching math through utilizing students' interests in Social Studies, Science and the Language Arts.

Bonnie Ryerson

Miss Bonnie, founder of Pied Piper Youth Theater and Pied Piper Youth Theater South, a National Youth Arts Award-winning program dedicated to nurturing young people's lives through active participation in the theatrical arts, shares her twenty (20) years of theatrical experience with the students of Wonder, teaching a variety of live drama, musical theater, camera, and improv classes, as well as singing classes with her husband John Ryerson, a voice, piano and music instructor.

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Drew Voivedich

Whiskey Neat Guitarist

Music Instructor 

Mr. Drew, Whisney Neat Guitarist and career musician, shares his magical musical talents with the students of Wonder on a weekly basis. Music Theory introduces students to scales, chords and chord analysis, guitar technique, ear training and more!   Private guitar, bass, ukulele, and piano lessons are also available!

The Hayes Wolfpack

Bill & Kelly Hayes bring a decade of experience parenting three exceptional children to Wonder.  They are personally vested in supporting child-centered learning opportunities in our area and have witnessed first-hand how impactful occupational and speech therapy, Orton Gillingham tutoring, Montessori education, and a growth mindset can be to young, struggling learners. Bill has served as an elementary school volunteer, as well as a recreational soccer coach, and is pursuing Orton Gillingham training, while Kelly shares similar volunteer experience, as well as service on both public and private Montessori school boards. Their wolfpack includes 6th, 4th, and 3rd graders, who have not only provided the inspiration for but have also shared their constant input as to what Wonder should aspire. 

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